Again, I have to refer back to “equal rights for women.” Why does a woman suddenly become a weak, helpless maiden who requires to have her standard of living protected by a man when she gets a divorce? Why isn’t she held responsible for achieving or maintaining that standard of living if she’s so needy of it?

Why don’t the courts take into consideration the man’s “standard of living” in terms of his access and rights to his children. Obviously, he was used to seeing his children frequently when he was married and he had an input on their upbringing and discipline, so why isn’t he allowed to maintain that “standard of living”? I am soooo glad I am not a man. I think I would probably be behind bars from foaming at the mouth in a crazy fit at the injustices of the family court system!

I tell my teenage children often: no matter how much in love they are, they should prepare some sort of pre-marital agreement before marrying in regard to children and visitations in case of a divorce. Something legal agreed to by his future wife that if they have any children and ever get a divorce, in very specific terms, his visitations and child support obligations are spelled out in the agreement. Not a guarantee but at least something to hold onto during a divorce.