OK went to court and they didn’t even read my lawyers’ request for an adjournment till it was over. Her lawyer stood there and showboated that his client is a good Irish mom and that the arrest was going to be contested as she was innocent and what not guilty, will fight the charge in criminal court to prove her innocence.

Also stated several times she is NOT a flight risk like I originally said in my first to petitions to the court. She showed up with her whole fam and I was alone as mine is a small family who works for a living.. Also said his client was not informed that the apt was given up and that she had no where to go. Now I asked the judge who issued the Modified order if I could move out because

  • A: I cant afford to keep it with the price of an attorney and
  • B: I feared for my life living in that neighborhood as her whole family lives there.

He said that is OK, so I moved my son and I to moms temporarily. Also told my lawyer (I’d even had to get cash loan here to pay him), and he said OK, put her stuff in storage. Today’s judge said to appear tomorrow with my attorney present to discuss this matter as she has petitioned for support and wants me to provide her with a residence. Also bring the child and they appointed a Law Guardian from the court.

My attorney is locked into another case and can’t make it. The judge let her attorney pick the time and dday that he would like to show up, and I get slammed as I now have to show and ask for a 2nd adjournment. Someone please help… I am going to get killed in there tomorrow and I just know they will take my son away from me now.