Hello everyone. Tomorrow I go to court to ask for an adjournment as I just retained a lawyer and he is not available to represent me at the proceedings. It is my 1st adjournment. I have already served her with a modified order of Prot. which also granted me temp. custody of my son as she was locked up for assaulting me.

She served me contesting the order stating I am unfit to care for the child, and to appear at another date for spousal supp. indicating that since the date I served her I have not provided her support. She was removed and told to stay away from the home, which I have since given up because her whole fam lives by and has threatened me. My fear is that regardless of what has happened and that I initiated all the orders, the judge will rule that the best interest of the child is with the mother.

Then she is going after me for everything. What can I do? She has pics of me a few years ago when I was wild, but since have reformed my life. Never been arrested, fired, etc… I don’t know where I am going with this, but can anyone post a reply with any tips? I don’t want to loose my son to a woman who was secretly planning to kidnap him. He is my everything, my every breath.