AccountabilityMay 9, 2016October 3, 2016maradmin

I think that is absolutely absurd that the recipient of Child Support is not in the least accountable for how the money is spent.

Why do we call it Child Support if there is no accountability to ensure that it is in fact going toward support of the children. I am a non-custodial father who has been making regular child support payments for several years. And I know that much of the money I send for “Child Support” never gets spent on the children. It is infuriating that I have no recourse to ensure that my Children are properly provided for when they are with their mother.

As far as standard of living goes, my standard of living in terms of being able to provide for the children when they are with me is greatly reduced as a result of the child support payments that I make each month. What about the non-custodial parents ability to maintain a standard of living sufficient to provide for the children when they are with him/her?