Can’t afford an attorneySeptember 10, 2016October 3, 2016maradmin

i agree whole heartly with the message posted about not being able to do anything about how the child support money is being spent. my husbands ex is up to her ears in court costs she incured while driving drunk with 2 of my husbands children in the vehicle with her (wanton endangerment). plus she had a former dui conviction. she does’nt work, in fact she NEVER has, lives on food stamps, section 8, and child support. the judge in this case took her licence and convicted her to 1 year in jail as the wanton endangerment was a 1st degree felony.

then he went and revoked the 1 year sentence to a mandatory program she must attend and pay for out of her own pocket, on top of the fine for the 2nd dui conviction. now where is someone who does’nt have any income but child support going to come up with this kind of money? of coarse, the kids are going to be left pennyless. but the courts say she is fit enough to be these childrens custodal parent. how do you fight when you can’t afford to hire a lawyer. i live in a very rural area and when you try to fight as your own council the judge literally laughs you out of court. to beat it all the same judge that granted her custodial rights is the one who convicted her of the 1st degree felony.

in my area it’s not who you know but how much you can pay. (everyone already knows each other you see.) our story goes much deeper, in fact it’s almost sicking. i’ve been told i need to go on the jerry springer show, the worst thing about it though is our story would be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. if i get comfortable enough with all you nice folks, i’ll let you in on how crazy justice can really be, like you haven’t seen enough on your own, right? you’d be surprized.

thanks for letting me vent hereif only for a while, but i would like suggestions on where to search for court documents and legal text to fight this pitiful excuse for justice. never giving up.