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Lawyers visit

Hi everyone, I just had the first visit with my Hubby’s Lawyer this week and I can tell you i for one am scared… I Do not like this man and I do not trust him. Ok a little background is needed here My hubby is in contempt for not paying childsupport for 2 and a half months child support ruffly 5 thousand dollars worth. Her attorney wanted us to pay 10 thousand dollars..

this was his deal so my hubby didnt have to go to court. Our lawyer thought this would be a good idea.. I told him No it would not be a good idea we can not afford it! First thing he said to this was that my hubby could afford to pay 200 dollars more a month because technically he is only paying 45% of his income in child support! Ok this made me a tad mad. Then the man has the gall to tell me to get a job So my hubby can pay his child support! OK this threw me through the roof! I told Mr. Attorney man that it would be a cold day in hell before I would work to pay my husbands child support! We finally decided on offering her 6500. with 5 being for back child support and 1500 for attorneys fees.

I forced him to make the attorneys fees separate so that I can bankrupt on them next month when we file. We also brought up the fact that she has not been allowing visitation And in the process is in contempt herself! Basically he said it didn’t matter, My husband has no rights and obviously we cant afford to try and get her for contempt because he said he would charge us 6 thousand to do it! This man is supposed to be in our corner? Im scared! We are supposed to go to Court Friday if the witch doesn’t agree, Which she wont, Shes like that!

As far as suing the councelor

As far as suing the counselor – Right now it is her and my ex’s word against me.

However once you bring it to court – She and the ex will be required to testify and give proof to her claim that I am not mediation material. The counselor’s notes would be supeona’d. Already I have talked with a different lawyer and she stated I already have sufficient evidence to have the counselor’s license to be revoked. Now as far as job loss being a possibility – it is because I have had to take time out to get the court items ready.

And as true with almost all companies, they only tolerate so much before letting people go. With all of the things that are going on I am pretty sure that the ex is wishing she had mediated now. I will keep club posted as to the progress if that will be helpful to others going through this process.

Can’t afford an attorney

i agree whole heartly with the message posted about not being able to do anything about how the child support money is being spent. my husbands ex is up to her ears in court costs she incured while driving drunk with 2 of my husbands children in the vehicle with her (wanton endangerment). plus she had a former dui conviction. she does’nt work, in fact she NEVER has, lives on food stamps, section 8, and child support. the judge in this case took her licence and convicted her to 1 year in jail as the wanton endangerment was a 1st degree felony.

then he went and revoked the 1 year sentence to a mandatory program she must attend and pay for out of her own pocket, on top of the fine for the 2nd dui conviction. now where is someone who does’nt have any income but child support going to come up with this kind of money? of coarse, the kids are going to be left pennyless. but the courts say she is fit enough to be these childrens custodal parent. how do you fight when you can’t afford to hire a lawyer. i live in a very rural area and when you try to fight as your own council the judge literally laughs you out of court. to beat it all the same judge that granted her custodial rights is the one who convicted her of the 1st degree felony.

in my area it’s not who you know but how much you can pay. (everyone already knows each other you see.) our story goes much deeper, in fact it’s almost sicking. i’ve been told i need to go on the jerry springer show, the worst thing about it though is our story would be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. if i get comfortable enough with all you nice folks, i’ll let you in on how crazy justice can really be, like you haven’t seen enough on your own, right? you’d be surprized.

thanks for letting me vent hereif only for a while, but i would like suggestions on where to search for court documents and legal text to fight this pitiful excuse for justice. never giving up.