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I think it’s great for you that your mom is going to be there

I also think it’s great for you that your mom is going to be there. It sounds like she has the right kind of life experience… However, you might want to consider a doula as well. Although as a doula I might not be objective 🙂 but here are some of the reasons…

If you wish to spend as much time at home as possible, a doula usually has the tools to help you decide when would be a good time to leave for the hospital. Besides, even at the hospital, an extra pair of well-trained hands can never hurt… (Lin & Olga, please correct me if I’m wrong.) Even with a midwife around, a birth (especially the first) can be a very long process, so a doula can help just by being there, and sharing the hard work of giving labor support. A doulas has many tricks and gadgets to help when the labor is progressing too slow, such as massage, aromatherapy, different positions and so on.

However, if you prefer not to invest too much money in such services, you might consider hiring a doula in training (like myself 🙂 that is usually charging much less…

Also watch this video:

I hope this helps… Don’t hesitate to ask me any other questions you might have.

Sorry here I am again with my questions….

1) When will my midwife be with me exactly: continuous from the moment I am admitted to hospital or…? Since my mom will be with me at home I think we can manage that without a doula, so if that was the biggest reason to have one, I think I will be just fine with “just” a midwife (my mom has helped deliver my sisters 2 children in Denmark)

2) Have you any advice on where to take a childbirth class? I am looking at Blossom Birth Services in Palo Alto OR the El Camino Hospital course…any recommendations for one or the other?

3) If I decide to try HypnoTherapy, will my midwife be able to support me actively in that?

Thanks a bunch, see you on December 8th (we have an appointment at your office)