Hi all,

First question from me: I am terrified of flying and normally I would take a Valium before (and maybe one during) a long flight. Normally I do not take ANY kind of medication at all, but as I am from Denmark, a 12 hour flight is unbearable for me if I have to sit at the edge of my seat with my hart pounding and being just really really uncomfortable.

I am flying to Denmark on the 6th of Oct to be with my family…what can I take that is safe? Oxezepam (kind of Valium that I have from my doctor in Denmark) or…..?

Hope you can help me out here as I am already getting really nervous.

Have you heard of Valerian? It is an herbal tincture. It is considered to be the herbal version of Valium. Are you pregnant? Is that why you are so concerned? I don’t know what the recommendation for pregnant women is when using Valerian. Maybe someone else does.

Also, this could be good prep for your labor. If you have done some childbirth preparation, such as breathing, visualizing, etc… it may help. Good luck to you.

I am pregnant (14+6 today) but my fear of flying is not new. I would like to be able to get the strongest medication that is safe for the baby if that is possible as I really am NOT a good passenger ;-)) I guess I will ask my OB/GYN when I see him next week.