I hope things are going well for you. Being pregnant could be fun but it’s not an easy task… 🙂

There are few stores that have community boards and would be a great place to advertise:

– Whole Foods – They have a community board near the restrooms (where most pregnant women will go by…).

– Border’s book store – I know the branch on El-Camino & Matilda has one.

– There are couple of book stores on Castro ave (down town Mountain View), that might have a community board, and there also few boards on that street.

Except for those, make sure you advertise it on Craig’s list (www.craigslist.com). A good category would be under events.

For those of you out there that are considering having me as a doula at your birth, know that I can take photos (digital or stills), I do reflexology (acupressure & massage to your feet), and also Reiki (good energies :-).

Take care!