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If only many more women had that option

it’s great your mum will be with you, if only many more women had that option, just knowing she will be there for some would put their minds at ease. Anyway, Olga and I will be with you throughout the ‘active’ part of labor, meaning when you are contracting every 2-3 minutes and making cervical change.

Sometimes we may have to pop out but usually that is if your contractions have spaced out or you are not in need of us for example when there is an epidural in place and both you and the baby are doing well then we feel a bit ‘redundant’. Everyone is different but rest assured, we will be there for you when you relly need us to be there. Childbirth prep classes are great and wither at Blossom or with El Camino are fine. Olga and I both teach at El Camnio so if you decide to go there see if you can join our class.

Olga teaches more often so the chances are quite high to get her. I think I will be teaching again in January, when is the baby due?

The hypnotherapy I think is a great idea and like everything it needs to be practised. We are very supportive of any relaxation technique our mums wish to use and although we are not ‘trained’ as such in hypnotherapy we will do all we can to encourage you. In my experience of hypnotherapy during labor, the mums and their coach have usually got it down to a fine art and I have often been an on-looker with added support when needed.
Hope that is helpful, look forward to seeing you in December

I know what you mean and thanks for your reply

I know what you mean and thanks for your reply. However, I am delivering my baby at El Camino Hospital where you are allowed a maximum of 3 support people during labor (and no tag teams!) so with my midwife (whom I am hoping will also come prepared with numerous tricks up her sleeve when it comes to easing my efforts in labor! ie massage, positions etc) my husband and my mother present, that would fill my quota.

Also I am thinking that having 4 people trying to support me at one time might be a bit of an overload…it’s kind of like: too many cooks…..?

Keeping in mind that at El Camino you also have one nurse assigned to you during active labor as well!

Besides, I am feeling quite fortunate to have a midwife. If I would “only” have my Ob/Gyn, who would rush in just in time for the pushing part of it, I would definitely want a doula!! 😉

Thank you to all of you for taking the time to answer my questions, it makes making these decisions so much easier!

Am I the only pregnant woman on this list with questions btw? It really it awfully quiet in here ;-)))