Were there any charges filed? All of this helps your case. In my case, I was the one charged. I did it. It was really a first time for me. Charges were never even filed.

The judge at the temp hearing did not give it any weight and I retained custody. You have custody now? That also helps. Courts are usually pretty good at granting at least one continuance (sp) for any good reason. The judge seems to be in your corner if he told you it was OK to move. Keep those lines of communication open. Focus on why you are the better parent. Judges don’t want to hear you trashing the other parent. If it is relevant, use it. If not, don’t.

I have a lot of feces on my ex, but won’t use it because it would make her even more mad and my job of raising my children harder. At the same time, I’m not going to give all this info to her, either. Pray for peace, but plan for war.

To answer your question, when my wife was arrested, the police took pics, then I went to see the DA, who was clearly against charging this poor innocent girl with felony assault the police originally grabbed her for. He said he pressed for an order of prot from criminal court which I was awarded, and when she appears for the charge, they will only press for misdemeanor harassment as my injuries did not constitute a felony assault(yeah right).

I immediately went to Fam Court and got the original order modified and showed the judge my arm, he then gave me temp cust. and said she had to leave the house. I told him her fam lives all over the area and I am afraid for our safety, so he said to go to moms and said my wife can’t go there either. Tomorrow I go to the gallows and will beg for a stay of execution, as it will be a different judge.