I had to give up the homeApril 15, 2017October 3, 2016maradmin

I had to give up the home as I could not afford the attourney bills, and I asked the judge who modified the Order of Prot. if I could leave because I felt danger for my son and myself living in the area, he said OK.

She was also allowed to return w/police to get her clothes for 15 min, then ordered to leave. Told the judge I would move in w/mom temporarily as she will help watch my son. Rent is very expensive in NYC and I can’t afford to pay a lawyer and pay rent, it is not possible at this moment.

She is going to lie her head off, but I do have some evidence if they will let me use it that she composed two emails to her ex and her friend clearly lining out her plans to take my son out of country while I was away and she could not let anyone else find out.

I got the order 1st because she was a flight risk, 2nd because I was tired of her hitting me, but I only have documentation of the one time she was arrested for Dom. Violence, which she will contest since it is her 1st offense. What else can I do????