Lawyers visitAugust 15, 2017October 3, 2016maradmin

Hi everyone, I just had the first visit with my Hubby’s Lawyer this week and I can tell you i for one am scared… I Do not like this man and I do not trust him. Ok a little background is needed here My hubby is in contempt for not paying childsupport for 2 and a half months child support ruffly 5 thousand dollars worth. Her attorney wanted us to pay 10 thousand dollars..

this was his deal so my hubby didnt have to go to court. Our lawyer thought this would be a good idea.. I told him No it would not be a good idea we can not afford it! First thing he said to this was that my hubby could afford to pay 200 dollars more a month because technically he is only paying 45% of his income in child support! Ok this made me a tad mad. Then the man has the gall to tell me to get a job So my hubby can pay his child support! OK this threw me through the roof! I told Mr. Attorney man that it would be a cold day in hell before I would work to pay my husbands child support! We finally decided on offering her 6500. with 5 being for back child support and 1500 for attorneys fees.

I forced him to make the attorneys fees separate so that I can bankrupt on them next month when we file. We also brought up the fact that she has not been allowing visitation And in the process is in contempt herself! Basically he said it didn’t matter, My husband has no rights and obviously we cant afford to try and get her for contempt because he said he would charge us 6 thousand to do it! This man is supposed to be in our corner? Im scared! We are supposed to go to Court Friday if the witch doesn’t agree, Which she wont, Shes like that!