So there we were in the counselor’s temporary officeJuly 12, 2016October 3, 2016maradmin

So there we were in the counselor’s temporary office (which happened to be the same building that our doctor used as well). And we were going back and forth. I finally stated enough is enough. The marriage is over and lets accept that fact – now we can either get mediation and refrain from incurring more debt and we can each get lawyers and let the battle shift to the courts. With that I told the counselor that quite frankly she stank as a counselor and then I gave my wife 2 weeks to tell me which way we were going. With that I left and walked over 10 miles home.

When the time came I was not sure what the answer would be, I really was hoping that both the counselor and my soon to be ex had some intelligence but ex stated that the counselor stated to flat out that I was not mediation material and that the children had rights that I didn’t even know about. That my friends was the beginning of hell that will not end. So I then went to my lawyer, hired him and had her served with papers. At this point my lawyer has requested documents and answers to questions and her attorney did the same thing to me. I have to have my questions answered and back to the lawyer by tax date. Now as a result of all of this there is going to be at least one more law suit on the books.

You see once this is all finished, I am going back and filing several motions against the counselor for her irreverent look into the marriage. If possible I will see that she is disbarred from practicing and will see to it that any financial or emotional strain I receive she will get it too. I did ask several different lawyers and even my current lawyer and they all agree, I do have a legitimate case against the counselor for not pushing the mediation. The moral(s) of the story are – stay away from the courts – resolve the marriage conflict some how if there are children involved. And push for mandated mediation is respective of anyone’s rights. The moment the court gets involved – everyone’s rights have just been subverted.