Well I’m new here…..June 9, 2017February 1, 2017maradmin

Hi, first let me start off by saying that I’m glad that there is a club like this for us dad’s. This is my situation. I am a married man who is now separated from my wife. This is not a legal separation. No one took another to court. But there is an order of protection out against me. But that was all B.S that she told the courts.

Anyway, she will not let me see my 1 year old daughter who I haven;t seen since Oct8th.

What can I do as far as the court system. I am in NYC, The Bronx… She wont take any calls from me or my family. I feel that there is no hope as of yet. I have been feeling so lost in all of this. I had went the first time to family court when she took out the order of protection.

The judge asked her why she wont let me see my daughter. She said that she didn’t want me too. And that she was afraid that I would run with my daughter. Wich is all a lie. So now I want to file something against her. What is there to do? NEED HELP !!!!!!!! Please :o) Peter